Bankrupt Arbolet and its posthumous child P2PGuru

It’s been half a year since the already unsolvable problems of the Arbolet project, that offered users the opportunity to capitalize investments on the layers of their BTC wallet, have risen to the full extent. In a few months of agony, Arbolet then performed various somersaults and disguised maneuvers until the pages faded and then a text appeared on them, reassuring their sheep that their commitments would be honored and everything was returned to the last Satoshi. Some believe it, some less, and there are heated discussions on Discord about P2PGuru’s future as a successor of Arbolet.

This follow-up project aims at what Arbolet has failed, and that is to penetrate the global market with a solution that is still missing from the cryptomaniac community’s perspective. The question is how much of the population is looking at the world through the anarchist lens of web operators, and whether it is a community that can have a common goal. Such a so far unclear tool for expressing a common position should be the P2PG token, which Arbolet is trying to use to put its creditors to silence.

The token was created on October 30, 2019 in the Ethereum network and presented in a peculiar way in Whitepaper justifying the bad decisions of the so-called X-s mysteriously calling themselves ARBX1 – ARBX7. However, the siphoning of Arbolet user’s funds off does not add much credibility to the P2PGuru project.

The P2PG token is presented by the project team as a tool to redistribute 100% of the revenue generated by the P2PGuru project among its users. This unprecedented platform will reward its members for their further development, and will also help to repair the messy and by irresponsible rogues destroyed Internet. Nothing else will be needed in the future and the world will be as it should be.

Furthermore you will receive a dividend every quarter while being connected to P2PGuru, if you are a prominent proprietor of a P2PG token. You just have to accept that only the tokens that are not distributed among the former members of Arbolet are left to you. Other tweaks and deadlines are listed in the not followed whitepaper. What else to say? Every stuntman should join with confidence.

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