How to trade an ERC20 token at the decentralized exchange


1. Follow these steps to start your first P2PG tokens trade in no time. First install the wallet from Save your seed and password securely, that’s always the basics. Once installed, you can import an existing wallet by entering 12 seed words (Import Wallet), or create a new one (Create a Wallet).

2. Now add your P2PG tokens to the wallet by entering the contract address: 0x0669f97be1948804FdA3CDD745F9eAd2356aECef

You have your P2PG tokens available in your wallet now.

3. Go to and allow to connect your MetaMask wallet.

There may be a request to insert a hardware key, if you do not use one, press cancel and continue.

4. Select “Other” at the end of the token drop-down list and enter the P2PG token address again in the “Address” field: 0x0669f97be1948804FdA3CDD745F9eAd2356aECef. Enter P2PG in the “Name” field and click “Go”.

5. Now use the “Deposit” buttons to enter the number of P2PG tokens you want to trade and the required ETH for the Ethereum network fees.

The “Expires” field specifies how long the order will be placed in the Order Book (number of blocks) when buying and selling. One block lasts for about 15 seconds, so the default 10,000 blocks last for about 40 hours. By adding three zeros, the order should be placed in the Order Book for about 4 years.

Happy trading!

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