0,01 ETH (Ethereum)

0,01 ETH (Ethereum)

45,83 CZK

Ether (ETH) is an Ethereum token further divisible into 1 billion Gwei units. Each action on the Ethereum network requires a certain amount of Ether to perform, depending on the computational cost of the operation and the time it takes to perform it.



Providing your Ethereum wallet’s address in the Order notes will speed up the purchase process. If you do not enter an ETH transfer address, you will be prompted to do so after your order would have been completed.

Ethereum is a public network based on blockchain technology. It is not merely an exchange tool such as Bitcoin, but is sometimes called the new Internet 2.0, that has the ambition to replace the current Internet structure based on the client-server principle through smart contracts and public peer-to-peer (p2p) application distribution.

The number of Ethers is not limited and can be produced by mining or through crowdfunding. User data become decentralized through the Ethereum network and are no longer located in central repositories, but in nodes installed on user computers around the world. All data and rights in the Ethereum network are under the owner’s control only, no third party can interfere with the content.


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